If there’s two things armchair quarterbacks love, it’s fantasy football and Madden. At E3 EA Sports announced a new Madden 16 game mode that will combine the two. Bringing the fantasy draft experience to Madden 16, EA unveiled the new Draft Champions mode. Starting out with a patchwork version of your favorite NFL team, players can use a fantasy draft to upgrade their squad. See a sleeper hiding in the 7th round? Go get him. Wanna trade up for a rookie stud? Go for it.

Each players will be given three different choices for each round of a 15-round draft. While players won’t be able to fill every hole on the roster, correct decisions and scouting can give players an edge on the field.

The passing and receiving options have been tweaked. Now receivers will have the option to attempt a flashy, aggressive, or safe catch based on player preference and position. New animations will also show a more realistic battle between receiver and defender when the ball is in the air. Madden 16 is set for release on August 25 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3

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