Mass Effect 4 has been given an official name and a release window in the E3 EA press conference.

In the reveal trailer, an N7 soldier is shown navigating a galaxy map and walking away from it, presumably to fight some unforeseen ancient evil. Quick cuts show the Mako make a return from Mass Effect 1, and the title and tagline about “discover a new galaxy” seems to suggest this will take place 2.5 million light years away in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Other details are unknown since the N7 soldier was armored and wearing a helmet, but Bioware Montreal have previously confirmed that players will not be playing as Commander Shepard, but instead a new character.

It is unclear exactly how the original Mass Effect trilogy will influence this new game, if at all, or where in the Mass Effect timeline this takes place, but there will be plenty of time for new details to emerge between now and the Holiday 2016 release date.

You can catch the full trailer for yourself here

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