One of Microsoft’s newest announcements at E3 was an augmented reality headset called the Hololens. The headset was shown off at E3 with applications working with the popular video game Minecraft, but also voiced that the potential of the Hololens far exceeds that of just gaming. Augmented reality as a concept allows for control over certain things using a virtual interface as well as relaying information to the user in a sort of heads up display on a screen right over your eyes that doesn’t completely obscure your vision; It is technology that could prove useful in many situations, and the idea of a HUD is something that’s not unfamiliar to gamers worldwide.

NASA has recently disclosed it’s plans for incorporating AR into its operations on the International Space Station.  Initially the Hololens is going to be mostly used for training the newest astronauts with programs specifically designed for them to get used to orienting themselves in zero-gravity simulation, as well as offering a platform for real time instruction and data sharing through Skype calls with an operator elsewhere.

On June 28th a rocket will be launched carrying the specialized NASA Hololenses to the ISS where they will then be officially implemented into day to day use of essential tasks. This is truly one of the first big steps for augmented reality applications and technological advancement that has originated in the realm of video games.

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