According to new job advertisements posted by parent company Time Warner this week, Monolith Productions are expanding their team and looking for new blood to build on their already acclaimed success.

The postings appeared on Time Warner’s careers section of their website and asks for producers, designers and programmers to join Monolith Productions to help “create award winning and best-selling games.” The vacancies come almost a year after the company released Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which received a favorable 87 on metacritic along with multiple awards including Best Action/Adventure at the 2014 Game Awards. Much of the games success was due to a new feature entitled the Nemesis System: creating enemies with random personalities and traits, which organically evolve from actions and events initiated by the player. The system was lauded by critic and consumer alike for its new brand of story-telling, allowing players to create personal rivalries with unique characters.

Michael de Plater, the design director on Shadow of Mordor stated they have “only scratched the surface” with what the Nemesis system has to offer. Monolith Productions’ plan to add more manpower may mean the team are trying push the technology for a second tour of Mordor.

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