Again, huge thanks to Adam “Gaijinhunter” Evanko and his coverage on Monster Hunter X, he has provided a video breaking down pages of Monster Hunter X details that were presented in the latest Famitsu magazine. Most of the content presented has been shown in the trailer, and the article itself presents a more finite look into what each new element demonstrated in the trailer really is.

In the video, he goes through and explains the new ‘super skill’ mechanic which seems to be a selectable perk you can activate before a hunt; allowing for a much different playstyle using the same weapon. As of now, there are 14 types presented; and the article gives each weapon a type, it is not known whether or not these are available for each weapon as suggested or if they’re actually an extra function that each weapon now has.

Further, to add even more customization, there are 4 new hunting styles that can really mix things up in hunts: there are now vaulting styles, a classic hunt with a slight change, possibly a buff. There’s also a style that further powers up the super skill, and there’s a strange one that involves the concept of ‘taking a risky situation and turn it into an opportunity’ which sounds very much like a counter. This counter style sounds exciting and extremely active which is something Monster Hunter can definitely utilize well.

As noted in the trailer reveal, there are 4 new ‘flagship’ monster; which is the game’s main storyline monster that serves as the main antagonist. The first monster seen is a fire/lava dinosaur creature that utilizes its tail, charging it when he bites it; changing the property of attack it uses.

The second monster is an electric based dragon. There’s not much information provided except for that its crown has some functional use in its attack.

The third monster is an extremely large mammoth with a very hardy dome, almost like a helmet. The hint provided about this creature is that it’s entire body is a weapon, and utilizes its snout to do certain moves within the snowy environment it’ll exist in.

The last is a water snake creature that utilizes its strange claw and its bubble attack that cause the hunter to receive a new status effect when hit by it.

To close it off, the last few pages show off the starting village “Beruna Village” which stands at the bottom of a mountain where the people live with Palicos again as well as the “Muffa”. The game will feature villages from the old Monster Hunter including the first, Portable 3rd and Freedom Unite. The last reveal shows off a very vibrant forest with a lot of vegetation and mines as well as a brand new small vegetarian monster.

Very chock full of information, some that are known, some that haven’t been shown yet, but one thing for certain, the game is DEFINITELY revving up this hunter’s engine, and I’m so excited for its localization down under. More information will be revealed before it’s winter 2015 release in Japan.

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