For the first time ever this year’s NBA 2K franchise will feature not just one, but three NBA All-Stars on this year’s cover. This year’s installment, NBA 2K16, will give the option for fans to choose whether Steph Curry, James Harden, or Anthony Davis will grace the cover of their game. Houston Rockets fans still bitter about Curry torching them in the Western Conference Finals? Not a problem, switch him out. Sick of the “lumbersexual” craze and tired of seeing Harden’s beard? Switch him out. Or maybe you had a traumatic experience with a caterpillar when you were younger and Anthony Davis’ uni-brow brings back bad memories. Not a problem, fans now can use a foldable insert that will come with the game to choose their cover athlete.

NBA2K16 promises a revamped MyCareer which has been written directed by Spike Lee. The award winning director and avid Knicks fan wrote the 1998 basketball flick He Got Game starring Denzel Washington. The game is set for release on September 29 but fans who preorder can get their hands on it four days earlier.

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