Capcom is ready to announce new details for Street Fighter V at the San Diego Comic-Con in July. Capcom will host a Street Fighter panel on the morning of July 9th. It will be moderated by Capcom’s Francis Mao and is expected to reveal new details on the upcoming title.

The panel’s official description states, “Who knows what exclusives, surprises, and hijinks are in store?”

Street Fighter V made news last year when it was announced to be exclusive to the Ps4 and PC. Capcom has an exclusivety arrangement with Sony, so the game will never release on Xbox One.

At last week’s E3 two new fighters were announced for the roster, Birdie and Cammy. Birdie was introduced in Street Fighter Alpha and Cammy in Street Fighter 2. Capcom also announced that an alpha test will begin July 23.

Make sure to check back to Gamespresso during Comic-Con, as new details emerge.

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