After unveiling their new StarVR headset, Starbreeze have now announced that they will be bringing the popular Payday series to mobile devices.  They will partner with Cmune, the creator of UberStrike, in order to achieve this.  The CEO of Cmune, Ludovic Bodin, commented saying “We see a huge opportunity in the marriage of first class IP like PAYDAY and mobile. There’s a market hungry for a fresh take on FPS in both the east and west, which we plan to capture.”


There are not many details available at this time, but Starbreeze have mentioned that there will be competitive options.  Starbreeze have also made a $1.4 million investment in Cmune in order to secure a 6.3% stake in the company.


No release window for this project has been announced as of yet, but players can look forward to Payday 2 coming to PS4 and Xbox One on June 16.

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