Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg hasn’t outright said that the Phantom Dust reboot is out of the picture forever, but it doesn’t currently have a studio working on it, so we’re not expecting the title any time soon.

The game was previously being developed by Darkside Game Studio. However, after their partnership with Microsoft fell through, the studio collapsed in on itself earlier this year; for the moment, it took Phantom Dust (due to be released on the Xbox One) with it.

“It’s been a passion project for Phil and a lot of the folks on the team,” Greenberg said, talking about Xbox’s main man Phil Spencer with regard to the game in an interview with Gamertag Radio,  “We’re currently exploring what we’re gonna do longer term with Phantom Dust. The project is not canceled, but we don’t have an active developer on it right now.

“It’s a project that, like many things, will take a little more time. But, at this point, we’re not giving any more updates on it.”

It’s not like Microsoft haven’t got a lot of things on their plate, after revealing an amazing games line up at E3, as well as partnering up with Oculus to kickstart the VR headset race, finding a replacement studio for a reboot hasn’t exactly come top priority.

Still, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, and Aaron Greenberg, remain adamant that Phantom Dust will happen, just later than they had previously planned for the project.

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