Sony is expected to reveal a long awaited HD remake of a lot of gamers favorite Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy VII. This reveal is supposed to come during its E3 2015 press conference, according to a large amount of reports online. There are several places claiming this, for example Siliconera and a “verified” NeoGAF user. They are suggesting that the publisher Square Enix commenced production on the game in early 2015.

“It will be announced this week for 2017 release,” The NeoGAF user claimed. Siliconera said that the project is “being created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII.”

December gave news of a port of the PC edition of Final Fantasy 7 would be shipping on the PS4, and there is the download version that was on PSN for quite some time. The response from fans were excited but mildly so, and many are hoping for a full HD remake of the game.

Honestly, I really hope this news is true. I’ve been waiting for a remake of the arguably most popular Final Fantasy game for some time, and I’m in the camp of people that were mildly excited when the download showed up. Square Enix could make a hefty sum of money of an HD remake of this, and I know I will be preordering it the minute preorders come up if this information is correct. More news, hopefully soon.

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