Former COO of Blizzard, Paul Sams, has joined Ready at Dawn’s team as a CEO. As a tactical move to expand the company, Sams has jumped on board as CEO.

The experience that Sams has stretches almost 20 years at Blizzard Entertainment, according to his LinkedIn profile. Sams helped Blizzard grow from less then 50 to over 4,000 within his time there. With the addition of Sams to the studio, they are hoping to expand their company further. The blog post, which went up earlier in the week, details how the studio in Irvine, California will be focusing solely on creative projects. Ready at Dawn’s studio in Austin, Texas will be taking over the business endeavors.

Sams praised the company highly in the blog post, and coming from someone who worked on some of the best games our Industry has ever seen (Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo franchises just to name a few) this isn’t something you’ll see everyday.

Ready at Dawn is one of the best pure game developers in the industry. After 12 years, they
remain an independent developer true to their craft of creating gameplay in unique and immersive
worlds filled with engaging characters and experiences

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