Destiny’s next major expansion might be The Taken King, if the specially branded boxes of Red Bull are anything to go by. These boxes of the energy drink have  the logo associated it as well as a prompt saying “redeem code inside pack at for bonus xp now and epic quest in Destiny The Taken King.” A copy of the image is seen at the end of the article.

Bungie, Destiny‘s developer has had “The Taken King” trademarked since late April, and the application included a logo similar to the one shown on the box.  The URL involved doesn’t lead to anything as of yet.

Destiny publisher, Activision announced in February that Bungie is working on “major content release” for this fall. Bungie’s original contract with Activision from 2010 stipulated that the studio would put out an expansion, in the years between major entries in the franchise.

I’m not sure if this is a technical leak, or if the company did this on purpose to try to gain hype. I’m going to hope it’s a leak, because otherwise I really hate this kind of publicity. The ‘oops we just let you see this when you weren’t supposed to heehee buy our game” styled stuff has always bugged me. On the news of a DLC, that’s exciting and something we knew was coming but it’s still nice to see it actually is going to happen. I guess it’s a wait and see how the company responds! Destiny-Taken-King-Leak-Red-Bull-700x350

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