Shenmue III was announced for Kickstarter yesterday, and within a few hours managed to hit its goal of 2 million dollars. The Kickstarter itself has a pretty low goal, for the past Shenmue’s having such a high development cost, at $99 and $176 respectively.

The explanation behind such a small goal was revealed during a E3 stream, at which point Gio Corsi, director of third party production for the Playstation, talked about how Shenmue III has been asked for ever since he joined Playstation.

However, before Sony fully jumped on board for the game, they wanted the fans to prove that they cared about the series. And the fans delivered. the Kickstarter is currently sitting at over 2,700,000, well above the 2,000,000 goal initially created.

The company is intending to fully support the creation of the game.

Shenmue III has an estimated release date of 2017, and will be releasing for both Playstation 4 and PC.

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