In an industry where it sometimes seems like company big-wigs can be a tad out of touch, it’s refreshing to be reminded that some of them are worth their salt. Shuhei Yoshida (@Yosp as he’s known on Twitter), President of Sony Computer Entertainment, proved to be just that.

Shuhei puts any fears of him not being a “real gamer” to rest in a video taken from a Nico Nico stream. The video shows him slashing and dodging his way through a Bloodborne stage, like the seasoned pro he his. Though his playthrough isn’t flawless, it’s pretty damn good to be honest. Shuhei clearly thinks out his strategy, knows the telegraphs, and is able to swiftly take advantage of them.

Not only is Shuhei a veteran gamer, he’s also proven himself to be a man of the people. He interacts on such a personal level that, though he is an incredibly powerful and influential man, he is in fact just like the rest of us. That is a quality seldom seen by others in his position.

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