This week the free-to-play game Sonic Dash passed 100 million downloads. I thought that was going to be the most news I would ever hear about SEGA’s endless runner, but boy was I wrong.

SEGA has announced today that they have partnered up with Rovio to bring the Angry Birds to Sonic Dash as playable characters. Red, Chuck, and Bomb can be unlocked by collecting special Angry Bird tokens while playing the game. If you’re too impatient for that and have money lying around you can simply purchase them as well.

Be warned though, the loveable kings of the mobile gaming world can only be within the next three weeks! So whether you’re gonna collect the tokens or spend your money, you better get to it. Once they’re unlocked, however, they remain in the game forever. Maybe this collaboration will give Sonic Dash another 100 million downloads.

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