Since its release on May 27th, Splatoon has proven itself a viable product for those at Nintendo. As the first new original IP from the video game giant since Pikman, Splatoon has already sold over a million copies in its first month on the market.

Official numbers shared by Gamespot break down these sold copies by region. North America leads with 476,000 physical and digital copies, while Japan comes in second with 360,000. The last two spots are held by European markets with 230,000 and Australia with only 20,000. For being released only about a month ago, Splatoon’s numbers are quite impressive. The title has also provided new weapons and maps since its launch date, with promise of even more content to come in the future. Splatoon’s lifespan is far from over.

If you’re an owner of the Nintendo Wii U and you haven’t played Splatoon yet, check out Gamespresso’s review and see if you’ll be joining the one million people who have purchased the game.

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