BioWare revealed information at this year’s E3 regarding a new expansion for their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. This new expansion goes by the name Knights of The Fallen Empire. According to BioWare this expansion will be story focused so as to act as a throwback to oldschool BioWare RPG’s. This means you will encounter things such as dialogue options to craft your own experience.

Not only that, but Knights of The Fallen Empire will implement new worlds to explore a new enemy faction, and new companions. The trailer posted at the end of this article exemplifies a storied history between two brothers, one representing the light side of the force, the other dark. The details beyond that are rather scant, so who knows which is actually evil and to what extent we will interact with them.

Another interesting aspect of this announcement comes in the way of creating a new character at a high level. Inspiration is being taken from World of Warcraft in that the oft mundanity of starting a new MMO can be circumnavigated. Additionally, the level cap will be raised to 65. Whether or not the ability to create a high level will cost an additional premium beyond buying the expansion is unknown at this point.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of The Fallen Empire (whew) is scheduled to be released on October 27th, 2015 and will be free to all SWTOR subscribers.

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