Fans of Call of Duty will be eagerly awaiting their newest shooter to dip into, and Treyarch are behind this year’s Call of Duty installment Black Ops 3, and as such are under scrutiny. The Director of Development, @pcdev has been responding to Twitter users on the games graphics, the possibility for mod tools being released and some further graphical options for high-end PC gamers.

Responding to @TheChaseAR, @pcdev states that graphics are still in development, so he isn’t quite ready to discuss graphics, what “max graphics” will be or what the required PC specs are going to be to constitute running at “max.”

Fan @CookiesAreLaw went on to ask whether the PC version of Black Ops 3 would include a Texture Upscale slider (to match Battlefield) or whether it would be able to render different resolutions in windowed mode. @pcdev responded in a similarly ambiguous fashion, simply stating “we already have something like that” and lumping this in with the previous response, adding “we’ll talk more about graphic features later in the year.”

Finally, @pcdev responded to fan @KVennie, who asked about the possibility of releasing mod tools for Black Ops 3. @pcdev admitted it’s something he’d love to see happen, but it was too early to comment. He stated that “it would be a big project.” and that they “won’t know if its feasible until the game is much closer to done.”

Overall, @pcdev’s responses seem largely encouraging and would seem to promise some interesting features for keyboard and mouse players of the biggest FPS. However, only time will tell if these features will make their way in-game before release on November 6th.

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