Earlier this week, following the reveal of Dark Souls 3 on the Microsoft E3 stage, Bandai Namco, the publisher of the Dark Souls games, made a statement that sounded an awful lot like Dark Souls 3 would be the last of the series. Specifically, they called it the “final chapter,” leading many to assume it meant this would be the third and final Dark Souls game.

Speaking with IGN however, the publisher back-tracked, stating, “Dark Souls III brings certain story elements to a conclusion. With that said, we’ll reveal more news about the future of the franchise in the coming months.” While this certainly is not a clear nod to any possible Dark Souls 4, it does, at the very least sound like the Dark Souls games will be returning in one fashion or another. Or perhaps not at all.

As we learn more and the story develops, you’ll find it all here on Gamespresso. For the time being though, it’s of course always fun to speculate, so sound off in the comments.

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