Many Xbox One owners were surprised by the lack of focus and time spent throughout the Microsoft E3 press conference on the Kinect. There was no reference to the Kinect throughout the show, leaving many to question whether it was still in Microsoft’s future plans.

Shannon Loftis, general manager of global games publishing for Microsoft, stated that Kinect is still very much in their plans and that many games are in development for the peripheral. “There are games actually that are coming out for Kinect,” she said. “More creators than you might expect are now engaging with Kinect for Xbox One.”

Loftis made it clear that there are games being worked on internally at Microsoft for the Kinect, as well as by third party developers. They are just not ready to be announced at this time.

Microsoft has partnered with the Oculus Rift, unveiled HoloLens as an accessory for Xbox One, and is still developing for the Kinect. It seems that they are really interested in new ways to experience games. We will have to wait to see how it all works out.

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