From Software’s newest Dark Souls game will have a more methodical approach to combat. It will feature one that is similar to it’s recent title, Bloodborne, according to an early preview of the latest build. In the latest issue of Edge magazine, a walkthrough of the game reveals a number of tweaks that they made to the game, including a new moveset mechanic and more freedom in combat.

The game’s new “ready stance” which will give an alternate combat style when activated is expected to add onto the already extensive moveset. These extra attacks are similar to the Bloodborne weapon modification mechanic. Ready stance attacks will vary between weapons, according to the article. The longsword, gains a guard-breaking “forward moving swipe” and the greatsword gets a “charging upward slash” with flinging power for two examples.

Other refinements come in the form of a noticeably speedier backstep, something many loved in Bloodborne. There are also more swifter and more graceful attack options. Certain ranged weapons have also had an overhaul. This is to make them more in line with Bloodborne’s weapons. The shortbow, can be drawn far quicker for example.

The Dark Souls 3 release date is set for 2016. It will be for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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