While Dead Island 2 remains pushed back to 2016 (being that it’s lacking in a developer at the moment), a remastered version of Dead Island has been listed on a retailers website, and it could be released on current-gen consoles.

This all might end up being a whole lot of nothing, but if South African site Loot.co.za has got their facts right, then this product page they’ve put up could mean a remaster of the game- there’s hints at the Definitive Edition being released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as PC.

The Dead Island Definitive Edition is listed on the site under the vendor Koch Media, parent company to Deep Silver. Koch have yet to comment on the validity of this product.

However, if we assume the listing is correct, then it is still unclear what is new about the version of the game; it’s been 4 years since Dead Island’s original release, and with Dead Island 2 on time out, we don’t know what to expect… Just a remaster doesn’t seem worthwhile.

Dead Island 2 was dropped from it’s 2015 release date to 2016 after Koch Media got rid of the game developer Yager. Not only is developer Yager gone from the series, but developers Techland too, who have since moved on to make Dying Light – a rival zombie game.

Dead Island was received with a mix of reviews when it came out. While people enjoyed the open world, fun zombie action, the visuals and characters were heavily criticized by players.

The Definitive Edition may well be a ploy to tide fans over while Koch search for a new developer for Dead Island 2.

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