It’s July 7th, and that means its Bungie Day! DeeJ left us a post on the Bungie website explaining what it means for the Destiny developers and the community, and even has a few surprises for us…and no, its not a free Gjallarhorn.

There’s a nice 30 minute video called Destiny Year One, highlighting some exciting moments from Destiny starting from its Alpha release this time last summer. There’s also a video with some of the creators, so be sure to check those out!

DeeJ also announced an art contest for all Guardians. You can send in a video, sketch, or screen-cap of your favorite Destiny moment, place, etc. for the chance to be one of 50 recognized contestants. Each of those top 50 will receive a special in-game shader, but the top 7 contestants will earn a Collectors Edition of Destiny: The Taken King. You’ve got two weeks to get to work: submissions will begin on July 23rd.

DeeJ also announced the Destiny Armory, a new section of the Destiny site. There, you’ll be able to view all of the weapons, armor, and inventory items in the game (even the ones you haven’t gotten yet). You can use this to learn about each of the weapons and make a list of the ones you want to get, or just learn what you may be going up against in the Crucible. Do your research!

Finally, each player now has a Year One Moments of Triumph event tree showing the events you’ve completed or have yet to complete in Destiny so far. Completing each of the events on the tree will grant you a special emblem in-game, and the recognition of your triumphs in Destiny’s first year.

You can check out DeeJ’s post on the Bungie website to watch the videos and read up on some more Bungie Day details. For more Destiny updates, keep it here at Gamespresso!

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