Bungie is preparing to release the biggest expansion for their popular title, Destiny, later this year. This new expansion, The Taken King, promises to introduce a bunch of new content to the game, which has been entertaining players for nearly a year.

With this being the biggest expansion for Destiny yet, Bungie has been offering numerous pre-order bonuses and special editions of the game, each with their own perks and exclusive in-game content. Let’s take a look-see at what you’ll be getting.

Firstly, there’s the SUROS Arsenal Pack, a pre-order bonus with which you’ll be given early access to “SUROS” themed in-game content. This pre-order pack, which you get with pre-ordering the physical or digital version of Destiny: The Taken King, will give you 3 new weapons, a SUROS shader, and a new emblem.


There’s also going to be a Vanguard Weapons Pack, which you can also obtain with pre-ordering. With this pack, you’ll get early access to new Vanguard weapons in-game, similar to the early access you may have gotten with pre-ordering Destiny when it came out last September.



The weapons in both of these pre-order packs will be available to everyone after January 1st. 2016, so if you aren’t planning on pre-ordering, you’ll have to wait just a little while longer.

Other than pre-order packs and bonuses, there are multiple different ways you can get Destiny: The Taken King. Take a look:

  • Stand-alone expansion DLC for The Taken King – $40.
  • Destiny: The Taken King LEgendary Edition – $60. Includes the base game, The Dark Below, the House of Wolves, and The Taken King.
  • The Collector’s Edition (Digital Download) – $80. This comes with the base game, both previous expansions, The Taken King, and some nice in-game content (3 shaders, 3 class items, and 3 class-specific emotes).
  • The Collector’s Edition (physical) – $80. This is the big-league expansion experience. The Collector’s Edition come’s with the base game, all expansions, the in-game content of the digital Collector’s Edition, plus a nice amount of physical loot for you: a steel bookcase, a Strange Coin replica, a special copy of Treasure Island with notes from the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6, a weapon schematic, and a bundle of relics and artifacts cards.


If you’ve been playing Destiny for a while already, or have a character above level 30, you’ll get the Founder’s Fortune Pack when you purchase The Taken King. This pack includes a special shader, emblem, and Sparrow celebrating a year of Destiny.

Or, if you want The Taken King expansion and in-game items from the Collector’s Edition, but don’t want to purchase the base game again, you are able to purchase those items for $20. Purchasing the extras from the Collector’s Edition will give you the 3 shaders, emotes, and class-specific items from the bundle.

The Taken King expansion update for Destiny will also include a few weapon rebalances and changes to a few other things in-game. If you fancy any of the pre-order bonuses, or just want to get a few extra-nice things for yourself or another Guardian you know, Destiny: The Taken King will be available on September 15th.

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