The Agent of the Nine has appeared once more to sell Guardians exotic gear. This week, Xur is in the Tower Hangar – for all the new Destiny players, turn right at the bottom of the stairs leading to the hangar instead of left.

As usual, Xur’s got some exotic gear for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks, an exotic weapon, an exotic shard, an exotic engram, and a slew weapon telemetries and Sparrow upgrades. Let’s look at what he has for us to buy.

An Insurmountable Skullfort helmet is on sale for Titans for 13 of your Strange Coins. This helmet has stats of 451/491 defense, 36/42 Light, and 125/131 Discipline. The perks allow you to replenish grenade energy with melee hits, replenish health after picking up an Orb of Light, allows Storm Fist kills to regenerate health, and you respawn with full melee energy.

Hunters can get the Lucky Raspberry Chest armor, available for 13 Strange Coins. This armor comes with 492/536 Defense, 36/42 Light, and 163/172 Intellect. With the armor fully upgraded, you can carry more Heavy weapon ammo, carry more Fusion Rifle ammo, spawn with full grenade energy, and your Arcbolt grenades will chain further.

The Apotheosis Veil helmet is available for Warlocks for 13 Strange Coins. This comes with 451/491 Defense, 36/42 Light, and 123/130 Discipline. Leveling it up allows you to replenish grenade energy with a melee hit, replenish health when you pick up an Orb of Light, and regenerate your health when activating a Super.

Xur also brings with him the Universal Remote, a primary Shotgun on sale for 17 Strange Coins. It comes with an attack rating of 334/365, and the rest of the stats aren’t the best for an exotic weapon. However, it is very fun to use; the Universal Remote perk increases the range and precision damage significantly when aiming down sights (don’t worry though, its no Felwinter’s Lie). Plus, since shotguns got a 100% boost in damage for PvE, this weapon can be fun to use in strikes and raids…just make sure you have a good secondary for that.

Xur also has an exotic shard for 7 Strange Coins; an exotic helmet engram for 23 Motes of Light; auto rifle, shotgun, and machine gun telemetries for 1 Strange Coin each; Sparrow upgrades for23 Strange Coins each; and Heavy ammo synthesis for 1 Strange Coin.

It’s Friday, so hopefully you’ll have time to hop on Destiny and grab some of this gear before Xur leaves for the week!

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