With Star Wars: The Force Awakens just around the corner, it would make sense for Disney to release a new fancy app for the Star Wars universe.

The app features a collection of different utilities, including GIFs, Official Videos, Force Trainer, 3 different themes, Official Star Wars news, Sound Board, Augmented Reality, a Selfie camera, and a Weather app.

The selfie camera features multiple skins and backgrounds. Allowing you to change both characters present(your face will appear on the front most characters body), the colour of your lightsaber, and the backdrop upon which you – or rather the characters you’ve put your face on – appear.

Offering three themes to choose from, Droid, The Sith, and The Jedi; the app itself is really just a fancy news checker, with some weird features built in.

But by far the coolest ability is to check the local weather Star Wars themed. Yes, it is totally necessary for me to know my home town currently feels like Endor.

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