So you’re running low on the cash, and you still have dozens of cool cars and weaponry on your never ending wishlist? Don’t you worry, this week Rockstar are making it easily achievable to get that new gadget you want.

For the entire week RP and cash earned within the heist of the four-man ‘humane labs’ on GTA online will be doubled! For the dedicated gamers who strive for greatness, even better news as Rockstar have also confirmed challenges within the heist will also be doubled. Making for a more profitable time to be playing heists with your friends! Rockstar have confirmed that several activities outside of the heist mission will also receive RP and Cash bonus:

  •  Plane Takedowns
  • Destroying Vehicle Targets
  • Killing 2 enemies within a 10 second period or getting a kill in the first 10 seconds on Deathmatch
  • Killing 2 enemies within a 10 second period or getting a kill in the first 60 seconds; as well as for first kill and killstreak within Vehicle Deathmatch
  • Parachuting
  • Flight School
  • Completing a Gang Attack
  • Delivering export vehicles to Simeon

As if this was not enough already, Rockstar have also stated that they will be applying more sweet stuff to the deal so that more players use this time well. Despite the comment they are yet to state what the extra encouragement is, that Rockstar have got in store for all of us! Are you going to be spending the week making big money, or are the promotions not enough to entice you back into heists. Let us know what you think.

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