Troy Baker is known for his starring role in pretty much every AAA game that doesn’t star Nolan North, but his performance as Far Cry 4 antagonist Pagan Min is one of the most memorable parts of the game.

However, Baker’s audition for the role, as outlined at his Q&A at Indy PopCon 2015, explains that the audition was not as conventional s you might expect. Baker was given a script which he promptly decided not to follow when an assistant walked into the audition room partway through a scene.

“And I just remember, I was talking like this [begins speaking like Min], and all of a sudden she walks in and I said, ‘I’m sorry, who is this? Who is this walking into this room right now. No no no, don’t leave, sit down.’ And she’s looking at me like, ‘I don’t know what…’   [continuing as Min] ‘Have a seat, please. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like some coffee that she brought in? It looks very delicious. Now here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to murder her right in front of you.'”

According to Baker, the team was ecstatic with his performance, at which point Troy Baker followed up by announcing to the assistant; “I’m going to peel your face off and put it on my own. It’ll be the most glorious makeover I’ve ever had!”

Baker also remarked that the freedom to improvise was refreshing for Min, and he that his other performances, had allowed a level of freedom rarely afforded to voice actors. Baker neglected to mention whether or not the assistant required therapy, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

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