Fire Emblem Fates is the latest installment in an incredibly long running an successful tactical turn based strategy game. The Fire Emblem series has been on a major upward trend since the outstanding global success of the previous game, Awakening, which was the first majorly marketed game in the series towards the west. As such the newest game looks like it makes some major improvements and stands alone great, but Intelligent Systems are not letting go of their past successes.

Fan favorite characters from Awakening are coming back to Fates through a series of DLC maps being released for the game up until the 20th of August. The first three maps are available now for the game in japan and there is a mini season pass type of deal that will grant you access to all seven as they become available for 2000 yen (about 16USD). If you decide to buy them individually, the first map is completely free and each individual map will go for 300 yen (2.42USD).

Fire Emblem Fates is only available currently in Japan but is set for a western release some time in 2016, but we should exact to see the exact same, or close to the exact same deals in the west.

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