Three years ago, GameStop had revealed that they were interested in buying and selling digital games. And while we’ve seen GameStop begin to buy and sell retro games and game system, little has been heard of from their secondhand digital games effort. In a chat with GameSpot at E3, however, word has resurfaced of their continued efforts towards buying and selling digital games.

“I think as the marketplace grows, it’s certainly something that we’re interested in and we’ll continue to look at,” GameStop merchandising director Eric Bright stated to GameSpot. However, he notes that there are some roadblocks into developing this sort of a system. On a console, a digital game purchased is directly linked with one profile and cannot be undone. GameStop is now pushing to end this, even if this will take some effort and time.

The system would also require a sort of partnership between GameStop and publishers. And while conversations between them and publishers are already in the works, it might be a while before this system is set up. Xbox has already made statements voicing support for buying and selling digital games, but whether they set something up with GameStop or create their own system is yet to be seen.

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