Last year’s Gauntlet, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios is getting an upgrade with Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. On the developer’s website, they have recently revealed some new features for the game including new choices, abilities, and a new game mode.

This recent reveal is our first real look into the updated version of the game. Arrowhead’s Game Director Emil Englund said earlier this year that the team was “never fully satisfied with how Gauntlet turned out”, so they are recreating the game to make it what they had “originally envisioned”.

In the new edition, every class in the game has new weapon abilities, which can be swapped at the shop. In the blog post, Englund describes the Wizard being able to switch between fire, ice, and lightning spells and the Valkyrie can use Shield Throw or the Lightning Strike ability.

Each class also has a new potion abilities, which Englund calls “high-impact”, costing a potion per use. The Warrior can throw a potion as if it were a grenade or grow into a giant, becoming invincible and dealing extra damage. These are accessible with various Talismans players can find in the shop. Relics have been updated to be cooldown based and have been rebalanced to coincide with the potion ability update.

Lastly, a new game mode, “Endless”, has been announced. The mode gives the players infinite procedurally generated floors in which to get rich, get kills, climb the leaderboards, and “most likely, die trying”.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition will be released on PlayStation 4 and will come as a free update to the PC version in August. Arrowhead promises to release more information about the new edition in the coming weeks.

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