Gears of War Ultimate Edition – the remaster of the original Gears of War title, recently released on Xbox One – was built in less than ten months, developer The Coalition has revealed.

Mike Crump, executive producer at The Coalition, had this to say on the matter:

“Typically on a game of this size and this scale, you’d have two to three years to create all the assets that need to go into the game. In this case we had just under ten months,” explained Crump.

Crump continued: “We went to find partners who could help us basically realise our vision for the game. We’re now working with a number of different partners in six countries on four continents around the world.”

Naturally, it makes sense that a remaster would take less time to create than a new game because the majority of the product has already been made, but should The Coalition have spent more time on the Gears of War remaster? Is it perhaps a bit bare-bones in terms of new features? Let me know your thoughts.

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