I’ve known for a long time that gaming will one day return to the roots of being DRM free despite the industry claiming that without DRM they lose too much money. I’ve prophesied a time when we shall return to loading up a single disc of a game, getting to the multiplayer screen, popping it out and then putting it into our friends computer and so on and so on because not all of us could afford the game at the time.
With Humble Bundle now hopping on the DRM-Free train perhaps my visions for the future will one day come true. While I in no means condone not buying a game if you enjoy it I do support sharing a game with your friends that they can not afford until they have gathered up the funds to buy it themselves. With the new sale going on right now over at https://www.humblebundle.com/store you too can get games to share with friends! Of course these games all also come with Steam keys in case you’re worried about your precious game library not being full of enough junk after the Steam Summer Sale earlier this year.

Overall the current Humble Bundle DRM-free sale is pretty fantastic and is filled with great games. While I wholeheartedly endorse every game that is on sale, at the time of publishing this I would recommend Stronghold Crusader HD being the tycoon and simulation fanatic that I am.
So go forth gamers, and get yourself some DRM-free content to share!

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