Journey, the 2012 indie hit from developer Thatgamecompany, will be making the generational leap across to PS4 this month.

The developer had already seen indie success with previous games fl0w and Flower but Journey released to fanfare from gamers, thanks to its originality and ability to invoke an emotional response in the player. The games premise was straightforward; you awake in a vast desert landscape with the simple goal of travelling towards an ominous mountain sitting on the horizon, the best parts of Journey though, came through the exploration of the world around you. As you make your way to the mountaintop you may encounter other travellers who you can join or pass on by as you discover age-old ruins, caves and stories of a forgotten civilization.

The PS4 version will remain largely untouched from its PS3 counter-part but will have its framerate upped to 60 fps and will run in 1080p.

Journey will be available on PS4 from July 21st and will be available via Cross-Buy for players who bought the game on PS3.


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