Killing Floor 2 allows you to take on zombies with some high-powered weaponry. Now, developer Tripwire will be adding even more weapons to your arsenal, including some new, explosive options.

A new content update for Killing Floor 2 is on the way, entitled Incinerate ‘n’ Detonate. Included in the update is a pistol that shoots explosive rounds. It is a close-range weapon, shooting the projectiles in a spread. It can also fire a grenade, giving the gun a little more range.

Other explosive will be coming to Killing Floor 2 as well. This includes C4 and a grenade launcher. Tripwire is also adding an RPG to the title. The RPG is able to fire backwards, though the developer has not given any details on how this works yet.

Other weapons coming to Killing Floor 2 are fire based. These include a flamethrower, Molotov cocktails, and a pistol and trench gun that fire incendiary rounds.

Tripwire has not given a release date for the Incinerate ‘n’ Detonate content pack.

Killing Floor 2 is currently available on Steam through early access. The game will be making its way over to the PlayStation 4 at a later date. Those who play the game will not have their stats reset when the title gets a full release.

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