In previous years, Pax Prime keynote addresses have been led by very influential people in the gaming/geek culture. Ken Levine from Bioshock is one of the more notable for the gaming sector, and following in the footsteps of the others is Kim Swift.

Kim Swift is currently a Senior Designer at Amazon Games, working on an untitled project. Kim Swift has previously worked for Valve, on both Portal and Left 4 Dead. She has also worked on Quantum Conundrum, and Soul Fjord.

Pax Prime’s announcement of Kim Swift as a keynote speaker could be related heavily to the issues of #Gamergate, and the support that most women feel they are lacking in the video game industry; be it in Journalism or Game Design. Regardless of her gender, Kim Swift has helped contribute to some incredible games.

Pax Prime will be running from August 28th to September 1st in Seattle, Washington.
Be sure to check out the full announcement on Pax’s official website.

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