The announcement of Xbox One becoming backward compatible with Xbox 360 games was certainly one of the more exciting ones at this years E3, and arguably the highlight of Microsoft’s press briefing. Alas, unfortunately the likelihood is that not all Xbox 360 games will be playable. Speaking to OXM, Microsfot Corporate VP Kudo Tsunoda explains why.

“So, we’ll start with 100 titles this autumn, and we’ll be adding titles as time goes by. At some point we’re going to need to get – obviously – the permission of the owners of the content, the publishers and the developers. So 100% is always a hard thing to achieve in anything. There’s a possibility for some outliers, but we’re really going to work on getting the biggest catalogue of games on any platform onto Xbox One via not only our exclusive blockbuster titles that we’re delivering this fall, but also our indie games plus backward compatibility. Again, that’s just enormous value for gamers.”

Potentially one of the reasons why it could be so difficult to get permission from the appropriate parties to have their games on Xbox One would be because many publishers or developers from the seventh generation of consoles are now defunct. For instance, it’s not been made clear if any THQ games will be available on the Xbox One. Time will tell.

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