Frederic Bennett is an artist currently working at Eidos Montreal on the upcoming Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It’s fair to say that some of his work is very impressive.

Frederic recently posted numerous pieces of artwork showing off the classic cyberpunk, dystopian setting of the new Deus Ex game. He also gave us a better idea of what protagonist Adam Jensen will look like in his new and improved combat suit.

The artwork looks typically Deus Ex and therefore typically gorgeous, but I do hope that Mankind Divided will have a bit more variety in its design than its predecessor – Human Revolution – did. One of the reasons I wasn’t a huge fan of Human Revolution was because the amber/black colour palette quickly grew stale on me and I was hungry for some more diversity. But if the latest gameplay trailer for Mankind Divided is anything to go by, the game is set to look pretty stellar in terms of its graphics.

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