New Monster Hunter X screenshots released by Capcom show new locations, monsters and new Felyne Palico companions.

Able to assist you in battle, these Felyne Palicoes will be available for a variety of support roles helping you battle monsters both large and small. Their roles can be anything including laying down a trampoline so you can perform jumping attacks, raising your maximum (“meowximum”) stats and healing you, launching themselves at monsters to slow them down, laying down traps or tossing bombs and more.

When not at your side, you can gather and raise your Felyne companions in the new Felyne Plaza. Located at Verna Village, your furry friends will be able to train at the dojo, get special quests and much more.

Monster Hunter X is scheduled to be released in winter of 2015 for Japan. There is no word yet on a western release date.

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