The Behemoth, the devs behind indie classics Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater have finally named their next game after announcing it nearly a year ago.

Previously simply known as “Game Four,” their newest game is revealed as ‘Pit People.’ Pit People was suggested early in conceptual stages of development. It was supposedly initially scrawled alongside the first piece of art for the game, long before it became the turn-based hit we’re expecting.

According to The Behemoth studio, the game took place ‘in an arena,’ and eventually ‘adventuring became a big part of the game.’ As this developed, Behemoth says that ”  a key moment in the story now occurs in the Pit, and so the name remained!” In other words, as the narrative for Pit People underwent creation, they revisited the eponymous Pit and decided it was good enough.

The Behemoth recently released the first 20 minutes of gameplay on YouTube, which you can view below:

Following their general trend of development, Pit People is a completely different genre to The Behemoth’s titles. Here, we are treated to a grid and turn-based adventure game. Although a massive departure, they seem to have captured the essence just as well as their previous titles did of their genres, if the above gameplay is representative of the remainder of their title. Coated in their now signature drawn art style and accompanied by a ludicrous plot (Space bear fractures the world to create chaos that can only be resolved by the uniting of the Pit People), it is likely to earn its place alongside their greats.

Adoring Behemoth fans need not wait long to play Pit People either – although there has not been a formal release date announced, Pit People will be playable at the Behemoth booth in San Diego Comic Con, alongside all three of their previous titles Alien Hominid HD, Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater.

Pit People will eventually be available to play on Xbox One and PC.

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