CD Projekt Red have detailed an upcoming update to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (in place of this week’s free DLC). A forum post has been released detailing some of the changes expected in what is to be a ‘very large’ content patch.

Available for all platforms, Patch 1.07 is designed to address some issues that have been found in Geralt’s final game whilst also making some additions too. We’ve only been given a small amount of changes so far, and you can expect a full list of changes later this week. As for what’s already been announced, you can find it below.

These are the currently announced additions to CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3 (source: GameSpot)

  • A new, alternative (optional) movement response mode for Geralt.
  • A player stash for storing items, available in various locations throughout the game. Stash locations are marked on the player’s map.
  • Crafting and alchemy components no longer add to the overall inventory weight.
  • Books are now placed in a dedicated tab in the Inventory and books that have already been read are properly grayed out.
  • Multiple sorting options are now available in the Inventory.
  • Alchemy formulas and crafting diagrams can be “pinned,” meaning all components and ingredients required to make them will be conveniently marked in the Shop panel.
  • Dozens of fixes for quest related issues, both major and minor.
  • A few performance enhancements, including the optimization of FX, scenes, and general gameplay.
  • Various improvements to horse behavior.

Even just these changes above would undoubtedly make players very happy, as Witcher 3 seems to have been plagued with some unfortunate performance issues. The commitment to a great product is therefore greatly appreciated, with the multiple optimization changes a testament to the faith CD Projekt have in their game.

Unfortunately, because of the sheer amount of changes that 1.07 allegedly promises us, there will not be any additional content released this week for The Witcher 3. This is because CD Projekt has enacted an “all hands on deck” policy in order to get the patch out on all platforms at the same time. This is set to be the first time that all platforms get the content at the same time, as PC has previously been the first followed by Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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