No Man’s Sky has a huge wave of anticipation behind it at the moment and although we do not have a release date yet, it is set to launch this year. Hello Games Creative Director, Sean Murray, recently sat down with The Guardian to discuss the difficulties of hype as well as the team’s reasoning behind turning down many offers from publishers. Murray sums up his apprehensions saying, “People say to me: there’s never been a game that’s had this much hype and hasn’t disappointed everyone.”

There is ample excitement and for good reason. No Man’s Sky is doing what no other game has done, creating a galaxy with seamless exploration. Murray explained the team’s attempts to cull any over-hyping by only showing raw gameplay. “Every time you see No Man’s Sky, it’s literally me playing… It’s the most genuine way in which we can show the game,” says Murray. In regards to fan reactions, “They project their own idea of the game onto what we’re doing. Maybe that is the nature of hype: runaway excitement that can never be matched?”

Murray also talked about turning down big publishers, including Sony, “A lot of other companies would have taken the interest, taken loads of investment, grown the team massively and so on. And of course, we did talk about things like that. But it felt like it wouldn’t work. We had an idea for a game and we may never be able to deliver on the hype. But we can deliver the game we set out to make. That has to be enough.” And if that’s disappointing to anyone who wanted a No Man’s Sky with more money behind, don’t worry. There’s always No Man’s Sky 2.

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