It would seem that Nintendo of America has no current plans to bring Devils Third to America.

Devil’s Third is an upcoming Wii U game from Valhalla Game Studios; the action game is a hack and slash shooter game and is exclusive for the Wii U.

According to a new report from Unseen64, Nintendo of American will no longer be publishing Devil’s Third. The video states that “Nintendo of America has lost faith” in the game and no longer has any intention of publishing the game in the US which is why Devil’s Third was not shown at the Nintendo E3 event this year and also why it’s been removed from the Nintendo eShop.

There is still hope though as another publisher could pick the game up for a North America release.

So far Nintendo of America has chosen to not comment on the report to confirm or deny it’s claims.

The report also suggests the reason as to why Nintendo is no longer willing to publish the game; it’s mostly due to quality concerns. The video cites different sources from European  press who have play the final version with focus on the “inconsistent frame-rate” and not so great visuals.

Devil’s Third began with uncertainty as it’s initial publisher ,THQ, backed out initially and now it still has an uncertain future especially in the US however the game will still be getting a European release.

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