Summer brings about the best in everybody including game retailers like Steam, and now the Playstation Network! For the next two weeks, PSN will be hosting great sales on select PS4, PS3 and PSVita games, and as an extra bonus, PS Plus members will receive additional savings on top of the sale price!

The sales range anywhere from 40% all the way to a whopping 75% off the original prices which mean a large majority of games listed are under the $10.00 price point, even reaching below $5.00.

Right now you can find 22 Playstation 4 games on sale such as Far Cry 4, $59.99 original marked down to $35.99/$29.99 sale price/Ps Plus price respectively, Ender of Fire, $19.99 marked down to $10.00/$8.00, and Monopoly Family Fun Pack, $29.99 marked down to $22.49/$20.09.

The Playstation 3 department houses 20 games including a few mentioned above plus classics such as Breath of Fire 4, $5.99 marked down to $3.00/$2.40, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, $9.99 marked down to $3.00/$2.00, and Luftrausers, $9.99 marked down to $4.00/$3.00.

Finally, the PS Vita has 19 games including Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, $19.99 marked down to $6.00/$4.00, Nihilumbra, $9.99 marked down to $5.00/$4.00, and Breath of Fire 4, $5.99 marked down to $3.00/$2.40.

As stated, these deals end August 3rd, but a whole slew of new sales start next week so get shopping!

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