For fans of the Dragon Quest franchise there may be hope of the Nintendo DS ports of Dragon Quest VII and VIII heading overseas to greet their western fans. Now unfortunately when I say in the west I mean west of Japan. The creator of Dragon Quest, Yuji Hori has been traipsing about at the Japan Expo this weekend in Paris telling everyone who will listen that localizations for Dragon Quest VII and VIII are currently in the works over at Square Enix, but so far it is only confirmed that he said they will be released in French.

While the PR department over at Square Enix has remained deathly silent over the topic of the new ports ever leaving Japan and have yet to actually comment on this newest announcement made by Yuji Hori. While the PR is quiet people from the audience such as this man followed up with the representatives for Square Enix at the conference and was told that the announcement “wasn’t planned” which makes us here at Gamespresso wonder how legitimate the claim is.

While we wonder if there will ever actually be localisations out of Japan it is clear that this announcement was actually made as was confirmed by one editor at Nova Crystallis who said that when Yuju Hori made the announcement “he translator got upset”. This continues the story of Square Enix not having planned any sort of surprise announcements.

The two Nintendo DS ports are scheduled to release some time in August within Japan, but whether they will ever see the light of day outside of Japan is yet to be seen.

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