Fallout is the latest series receiving a line of Funko Pop collectables and they are available for preorder right now.

The Fallout line is available for preorder at Amazon’s website for $10.99 and the Bethesda online store for $12.

There are seven figurines available in the line and those included to purchase are male and female Lone Wanderers, a Deathclaw, a Brotherhood of Steel soldier, a Super Mutant, a Feral Ghoul, and a Vault Boy, the latter of which did not appear for preorder at this time. The figurines will stand 3.75 inches tall.

There isn’t a confirmed release date for this series of Funko Pops, but Amazon has August 4, 2015 listed as a release date, while the figurines on the Bethesda store have a variety of estimated shipping dates.

In other Fallout news, the latest iteration of the series will be arriving on November 10. Not headed down the Funko Pop rabbit hole just yet? There is plenty of other Fallout merchandise for you to get excited about, and maybe Fallout Shelter has been filling your Fallout kick in the downtime as well.

As always, let us know below which of the Fallout Funko Pop figurines you have added to your shopping cart (and “all of the above” is a perfectly acceptable answer).

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