r2-d2 console

We’ve all heard of a Star Wars themed vinyl skin and even a custom made Darth Vader console. There was even the original Xbox 360 that resembled an R2-D2 droid, but never has something as magnificent as Edward Zarick’s custom made R2-D2 “Playbook 4″ ever been available for the Star Wars community to enjoy.

First of all, the Playbook 4 is a breakthrough invention in and of itself. If a gamer feels like moving their experience from the couch, they can do it without sacrificing comfort or convenience. If you wanted to take Star Wars: Battlefront on the go and not have to worry about the wires or fragility of a PS4, no worries; this thing is a compact tank (although it’s not recommended you drop it on purpose).

Secondly, the wiring is masterful. The motherboard, memory, processor, power, cooling fan, and speakers all fit into this compact 22” laptop form factor which is amazing. Oh, and not to mention that IT LOOKS LIKE R2-D2. These parts are all 3-D printed and scaled to the utmost precision. It even makes R2-D2 noises and lights up if you press the button on the side and greets you with a friendly “Bleep Blorp” when you turn it on.

All in all, the R2-D2 themed Playbook 4 is styled well, machined to perfection, and worthy of some major recognition by the gaming community. Kudos to Edward Zarick for creating something with the whimsicality and essence of the famous droid. Give his website a look and see if this could be your next console: www.edsjunk.net.  As C3PO once said “R2, it is you! It is you!”

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