A new game from developer Anki is in the works. Anki Overdrive builds off of the previous game Anki Drive and is a mobile game that connects to a special custom designed race track in order to play the game. Cars will propel themselves forward on the track in real life as the game progresses to mimic the race and overall like really cool.

The game comes with a few game modes. Race is your standard self explanatory race, Battle is focused on destroying other players by ramming them and the use of weapons, Time Trial has you race for the best lap times, and King of the Hill has players vying for control of first place until a goal time in first is met.

The creators at Anki aren’t game developers first, they’re actually a robotics company, so the focus of the game is really how cool it is to have a physical representation of what’s going on right there next to you. The cool factor does come at a price though. That special track will cost about $150 for a starter pack that will come with a bunch of different track combinations that will make the game fun for sure, but any extra cars or tack extensions beyond that will also cost money. The technology in these tracks is what Anki is charging for, so any future game support or expansions to game modes will come free of cost.

An interesting new take on a game concept if you ask me.

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