Rocket League, the game where you combine football, cars and utter carnage, has (unsurprisingly) surpassed 5 million downloads, just weeks after its launch. The news was broken by developer Psyonix on Twitter, who thanked fans of the game for their support.

Rocket League quickly became popular when it came out, with even famous YouTubers such as H20Delirious with his friends and Markiplier helping to draw attention to it. The game then became free for PlayStation Plus users on PlayStation 4, which helped boost downloads massively. Although the game is available on Steam it’s priced at over $20; a possible explanation for why the PS4 version is the most used platform for the game.

Rocket League involves two teams of rocket powered cars that are used to score the futuristic looking ball into either goal. There are speed boosts and you can ramp up the sides of the arena – Psyonix have taken the competitive edge of football and made things explode. It’s hours of fun to play and brilliant to watch.

So brilliant, in fact, that Psyonix can boast 183,000 concurrent players on the game. It’s a huge success for the longstanding independent company.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, I seriously recommend you either download it for your PS4 while it’s still free, or become a Steam player. Grab a couple of mates, or go online, and sit back to enjoy pure entertainment.

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