While hearing about a game releasing DLC a few years ago would have had wallets cringe, many game companies have recently taken new and cheaper approaches to DLC. Now, Capcom plans to take a similar approach. During a Street Fighter panel at Evo 2015, Capcom released their new DLC system. While you’ll still be able to buy new characters, you’ll also be able to earn in-game currency to unlock new character. As well, all game updates will be free.

The new two-money system, earned Fight Money and paid-for Zenny, will allow players to either pay for or earn any and all new DLC characters. As well, instead of releasing multiple versions of the game like what happened with Street Fighter IV, they plan on only releasing one version of Street Fighter V. Capcom believes that this will promote more longevity in their future games.

The system, while being almost common practice among the MOBA market, is new for a 1v1 fighting game. Street Fighter V’s multiple beta’s will help test their currency system. Street Fighter V will be available in early 2016 for the PS4 and PC. Their first beta will start on July 23rd for the PS4, with a second beta for both systems sometime in the fall.

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